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  • A Candid Conversation

    David Axelrod is a preeminent American political strategist and commentator and the former chief strategist and senior advisor to President Barack Obama. Axelrod currently serves as the founding director of the University of Chicago's non-partisan Institute of Politics and as a senior political commentator for CNN. He is the host of The Axe Files, a top-rated podcast featuring in depth conversations with public figures across the political spectrum.

    David M. Rubenstein is the Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of The Carlyle Group. He is a private equity pioneer and icon and is well-known for his patriotic philanthropy as well as his engaging interviews on Bloomberg TV and at The Economic Club of Washington, DC.

    Speakers: David Axelrod, David M. Rubenstein

  • Real Estate in a Time of Renewal and Uncertainty

    As society and the global economy continue to emerge from COVID-19 restrictions and confront political instability including war in Eastern Europe, the real estate industry must contend with dramatic and unpredictable changes in business and consumer behavior.  Our panel of world-class real estate leaders will discuss how these challenges create opportunities and are affecting their decisions and prospects for the future of the industry. 

    Moderator: Tinchuck A. Ng
    Panelists: Michael Byrne, Debra Cafaro, Christopher Merrill and Carly Tripp

  • Innovation at the Cutting Edge in a New Real Estate Paradigm

    More so today than ever, success in real estate investment and development requires innovative and nimble planning and action. In order to attract and retain users and sustain revenue, real estate owners must address shifting demographics and demand.  Our panel includes thought leaders in architecture, investment and development who will discuss cutting edge trends and the evolution of all asset classes, including multi-family residential, office, hospitality, entertainment and gaming.

    Moderator: Mitchell Schear
    Panelists: Andy Cohen, FAIA, Hailey Ghalib, Tyler Henritze and Evan Regan-Levine

  • Capital Markets in Unsettled Times

    How will capital markets be affected by COVID-induced transformation and political instability? How will interest rate changes and inflation affect capital raising, underwriting and debt placement?  To what extent does US real estate remain a safe haven?  How will government infrastructure investment impact real estate? Our panel of leading capital markets players will share their insights on current risks and rewards for real estate debt and equity. 

    Moderator: Todd S. Rich
    Panelists: Anar Chudgar, Brian Kavoogian, David B. Lentz and James Reynolds

  • Global Update

    In a rapidly changing economic, political, social and diplomatic environment, real estate industry leaders are facing an increasingly long list of complex challenges. Join former U.S. Secretary of Defense General James Mattis and retired U.S. Air Force Major General Kim Crider, Senior Counselors at The Cohen Group, for a moderated discussion led by former COO of Equinox and Founder of JPT Partners, Judy Turchin, as they engage in a lively discussion about leadership and innovation in times of adversity and dynamic change.

    Moderator: Judy Turchin
    Panelists: Major General Kim Crider and General James Mattis

  • Redevelopment and Repositioning – Opportunities for Innovative Development

    Shifts in how the population lives, works, makes things, and buys things are driving innovation in the redevelopment and repositioning of land and buildings.  Our panel of visionary developers and investors will discuss how they have identified and pursued opportunities for innovative development that respond to these shifts and requirements with creative land assembly, new uses of spaces and technological innovation that address current needs and demands and anticipate the future.

    Moderator: Mary Rottler
    Panelists: Keating Crown, Nooshin Felsenthal, Alicia Glen and Omar Thowfeek

  • Let’s Make A Deal

    Capital for real estate is plentiful, but dealmakers face a variety of hurdles including a volatile business climate, inflation and interest rate increases and dramatic changes in consumer use of the built environment (see traditional retail and office!).  Which locations and asset classes provide the best opportunities?  Where is pricing of land and improvements?  What’s possible to underwrite and finance? What are the current trends in tenant demands? Our panel of accomplished dealmakers will outline how creative thinking enables them to adapt to a rapidly changing real estate environment and achieve successful deals for investors and other stakeholders. 

    Moderator: Jonathan H. Pearce
    Panelists: Scott Goodman, Joe Gorin, Doug Lyons and Tal Peri

  • RE Live – Climate Change, ESG, and Sustainability

    Intensifying concern about the accelerating impact of climate change, coupled with growing demands related to ESG (environmental, social, and governance criteria), is changing the way we plan for and use the built environment, and transforming the real estate industry.  Related sustainability objectives are altering end user requirements, site and building designs, energy use, underwriting, and financing, and thereby having an impact on every aspect of real estate development.  The conversation among thought leaders in this space will provide a range of perspectives on these issues and what we can expect in the short-term and long-term.

    Moderator: Steve Weikal
    Panelists: Kevin Fagan, Marna McDermott and Ben Myers

  • The 16th Global Real Estate Summit

    Watch our video below highlighting the 16th Global Real Estate Summit. The Summit presented an all-star lineup of industry-leading real estate executives as they shared insights and analysis on the evolution in the commercial real estate markets in the wake of the global pandemic, continued technological innovation, and shifting political forces.